Open Vacancy


Tradeshow Demo Engineer

Marketing Department


Rijmenam - Belgium

Job Description

The tradeshow team is part of the marketing department and is responsible for the solutions shown at the different events taking place throughout EMEA.
Over the entire EMEA region there are about 15 to 20 shows/events a year. These are all designed,configured and programmed from our headquarters in Belgium before the tradeshow team goes on site to do the installation or break-down of the different setups on our stands.
On each of these events we try to show complete solutions rather than just products on shelves.
This allows our sales team to properly show our products to our customers so they can fully understand how to implement them.To achieve this, all setups are fully programmed/prepared in the office and then properly packed and shipped so they can be installed on site within the, often very limited, available time.
We also provide technical help for smaller sales/training events, producing demo cases and help facility where needed. Our bigger offices have their own showroom of which we are responsible for as well.
Again, we strive to show our products as part of a complete solution so people can use it as a sales tool. Tradeshow is very often the first the play with new upcoming units and need to be able to have a bit of knowledge off all products in our catalogue.
You might call them a Jack of all trades.


As a demo engineer you are part of the tradeshow. Being part of this team means you will be taking part in all the activities of this team but your focus will be on the creation and follow up of demo cases and demo loans.
These are important sales tools and, since we introduce a lot of new products throughout the year, they will need constant updates and maintenance.

In order to get a fully functional demo case that meets the standards, you will need to investigate what is needed, find suppliers, install and program everything and make sure it is a clean package that our sales people can use to present our products.

The tradeshow engineers can help when needed and vice versa, you can help them in certain busy periods.

Aside from the shows and events, the tradeshow team is also responsible for the programming, installation and keeping up-to-date of the experience centers over the EMEA region.

As a tradeshow/demo engineer you get in touch with the full range of Crestron products. This also means you need to have knowledge of all products.


  • Reach out to sales and our technology department to find out what demo cases are required
  • Make a design of these cases that fits all the technology
  • Once a design has been made, you will need to find suppliers and you will need to make a cost overview
  • Order all the necessary equipment (Crestron and third party material)
  • Install the equipment
  • Maintain and update the cases when needed
  • Organize the shipments and follow up the logistics
  • Stock management of all the material being used for these demo cases
  • Keep yourself up to date with the latest products and software packages

In certain busy periods you will be helping the tradeshow team, in that case your tasks will be as follows:

  • Preparing setups that will be shown on a show or in an experience center. All setups are
    programmed, wired up and fully tested to avoid any problems on-site.
  • Seal and ship the products that will be displayed in flight cases/pallets
  • At the show floor you will need to install the setups in our booth. The booth itself is built by
    our booth builder which we assist when needed.
  • Stock management. Due to the large stock and lots of stock movements everything needs to be tracked properly

Job Requirements

Knowledge of Crestron products + training
General network knowledge
Good communication skills
Willing to travel
Well-organized and a real team player
Excellent knowledge of English, an extra language is considered an added value
Significant interest in home automation and automatic control systems
A good sense of responsibility


  • Result Oriented
  • Adaptability
  • Integrity
  • Communication skills
  • Quality Oriented
  • Problem solving
  • Initiative
  • Ability to cope with stress
  • Teamwork
  • Learning attitude