Control System Programming Software


Crestron® SIMPL is the premier development environment for building powerful and flexible Crestron control system applications.

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Crestron® SIMPL Windows® software provides all the tools necessary to configure, program, test, and debug an integrated control system application. Combining drag-and-drop Windows® functionality with the programming power of SIMPL (Symbol Intensive Master Programming Language), SIMPL Windows provides the link between Crestron systems hardware, user interfaces, and the world of equipment to be controlled.


Select the control system, user interfaces, network devices, and controlled equipment required for the installation. To these hardware components you can assign port addresses, Network IDs and IP addresses, set communication parameters and specify which device is connected to which card or network control module. You can also specify what VisionTools Pro-e™ touch screen projects are required for the system.


Select the logic symbols the system will require, assign signals to those symbols, and connect the signals to other symbols or devices as determined by the program logic. SIMPL Windows includes a wide variety of symbols that are constantly being expanded to support virtually every possible application. As you become proficient at using SIMPL Windows it will become obvious that there are many ways to solve the same control problem. This allows for programming creativity and independent flexibility.


Test and debug your SIMPL Windows program using powerful diagnostic tools—including Test Manager, Network Analyzer, and the Crestron Viewport. You can call these tools directly from SIMPL Windows or launch the tools independently.

For even greater flexibility, the SIMPL Windows installation package includes SIMPL+®, a development tool that allows advanced programmers to create and compile custom control modules using a procedural language similar to C. You can add SIMPL+ modules to your SIMPL Windows program or user module (much like a logic symbol) to extend functionality or solve a specific control problem.


Crestron Database

The Crestron Database is a large collection of information that is accessed by various Crestron software packages, including SIMPL, D3 Pro®, and SystemBuilder™. The bulk of the Database consists of IR driver files that control AV equipment such as CD players, DVD players, and conferencing equipment. In fact, the Database supports all current control formats, including RS-232 and TCP/IP.

In addition to driver files, the Crestron Database contains hundreds of Crestron logic modules that have been pre-coded, tested and debugged at Crestron. These dedicated modules can be plugged into a program and used to automatically generate all the proper control codes for third-party device functions. Even beginning programmers can control very complex equipment using Crestron modules. The Crestron Database is continually expanded, so that it supports practically all AV equipment on the market today.

Live Update

Crestron Live Update is a utility within SIMPL and other Crestron software applications that checks for the latest available Crestron software updates, and then downloads the updates via the Internet. Live Update ensures that all Crestron software applications are current. Live Update can be triggered manually or set for an automatic update check.

Minimum required PC configuration Windows 7
1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2
1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit)
Graphics Card: Microsoft® DirectX® 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
Recommended PC configuration Windows 7 SP1
2.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2
8 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit)
Graphics Card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7®, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

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